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Bi-Fold Doors

bifold doors

The most economical hangar door on the market for new or existing aircraft hangars. Offers more clearance than any other bifold, quick and easy to install, and includes a lifetime warranty on the lifting components.

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one-piece hydraulic doors

A single panel hydraulic door, that opens and closes using just two hydraulic cylinders and power unit.  Loose little or no headroom with a door that is pre-hung inside it’s own frame.

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HP Door System

A single panel hydraulic door that rests totally on its own framing so there’s no vertical or horizontal loads on your structure.  A smooth and fast operating hydraulic door available in sizes up to 200ft x 60ft.

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A newly installed bottom rolling hangar door system

Bottom rolling hangar doors complimented by strong hardware and AeroDoor motor operators.  We have the design and engineer team to manufacture your next door for new or existing construction.

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AeroDoor Profile

Founded in 1978, AeroDoor International LLC is a family owned company, committed to the manufacturing, installation and post sales services of aircraft hangar doors. From the individual aviator or farmer to general contractors, building companies and municipalities. For private, commercial or government projects AeroDoor welcome your business and promise a professional product and service. Our focus on developing collaborative relationships with individuals, architects, contractors and suppliers is reflected in the repeat and referral business that makes a significant contribution to our annual turnover. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and welcome you to AeroDoor, the premier aircraft hangar door solutions experts.

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Services We Offer

AeroDoor are more than just a hangar door manufacturer.  We have over 30 years experience to offer, including:

          • Hangar Door Manufacturing
          • Hangar Door Installation
          • Hangar Door Service & Repairs
          • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
Removing old hangar door


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  • Building a new aircraft hangar

    Keeping aircraft out of the elements is more is going to be more challenging in some areas of your country than others. The cost and complexity of acquiring permits and building hangars of all sizes varies greatly. AeroDoor recently researched the step-by-step Aircraft Hangar Development Process that can help our customers bring a project through to completion.

    The research showed five crucial steps to success in a hangar-development project. Unfortunately, many projects fail because airport operators neglect the first three–determining the need, creating a sound business case and carefully planning the project. Instead, eager developers tend

  • Higher Power Doors installed on new aircraft hangars.

    A well known aviation company are close to completion of a new aircraft hangar that will provide 120ft of access across two bays. Blackbird Aviation of Leesburg Florida chose two Higher Power hydraulic doors, which AeroDoor are currently installing at time of writing this blog post. The Higher Power Door design allowed the building company to remove a significant amount of steel from the framed opening during the design stages.  That’s  due to minimal loads the HP door will impose, compared to that of a bi-fold or typical hydraulic swing door.
  • Big Hydraulic Door for Recycling Facility Construction

    One for the monthly newsletter! AeroDoor hangar door installers are installing one of our hydraulic swing doors at a large recycling facility.   The new 100 x 100 steel frame building will be used for sorting scrap metal.   The owner chose our one piece hydraulic door to maximize accessibility.  The building has a 80 x 20 opening and this door will give them the same. No loss to the opening. A critical factor for choosing our hydraulic door was the limited number of components that are used.  2 hydraulic cylinders, a
  • Bifold hangar door close to completion at Sanford Intl Airport

    One AeroDoor installation crew is close to finishing yet another hangar door.  The 80′ x 22′ bifold door is being installed on an existing aicraft hangar which is being redeveloped after damage caused by hurricane Charlie.  Out of pure coincidence AeroDoor removed the damaged door for the previous hangar owner. Jason Mathews, now AeroDoor’s manufacturing manager tells the story to our marketing team “I was installing new hydraulic swing doors on the east side of the airport days after hurricane Charlie.  A hangar owner heard we were over there and called