Apr 09

Big Hydraulic Door for Recycling Facility Construction

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AeroDoor hangar door installers are installing one of our hydraulic swing doors at a large recycling facility.   The new 100 x 100 steel frame building will be used for sorting scrap metal.   The owner chose our one piece hydraulic door to maximize accessibility.  The building has a 80 x 20 opening and this door will give them the same. No loss to the opening.

A critical factor for choosing our hydraulic door was the limited number of components that are used.  2 hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic pump and a row of hinges are the only components in our door so debris cannot build up and damage the door.

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big hangar door

One piece hydraulic swing door for a recycling facility

big hangar door

One piece hydraulic swing door for a recycling facility

Mar 12

Bifold hangar door close to completion at Sanford Intl Airport


One AeroDoor installation crew is close to finishing yet another hangar door.  The 80′ x 22′ bifold door is being installed on an existing aicraft hangar which is being redeveloped after damage caused by hurricane Charlie.  Out of pure coincidence AeroDoor removed the damaged door for the previous hangar owner.

Jason Mathews, now AeroDoor’s manufacturing manager tells the story to our marketing team “I was installing new hydraulic swing doors on the east side of the airport days after hurricane Charlie.  A hangar owner heard we were over there and called to ask if we could help him out.  His bi-fold door had blown straight through.  The door was still hung but had been blown inside of the jamb columns.  All three aircraft in the hanger were destroyed too, because parts of the the roof structure had fallen on them.  We got the door down for him and put it to one side.   In years gone by I’ve looked over at that hangar looking washed up and dormant countless times.   When one of our install crews told me we were out there installing one of our doors it brought back the memories of that day.   I charged that guy $50 to remove that damaged door, he looked like he was having a bad day already, he didn’t need somebody making it worse with an invoice for a thousand dollars!”.

The aircraft hangar, a pre engineered building, has been completely revamped with new metal siding, flooring, overhead fan and 80′ x 22′ bi-fold door from AeroDoor.   AeroDoor were awarded the project after delivering a bifold hangar door that met with the owners needs, at a significantly lower price than the hangar door manufacturer who were originally specified.  A lesson for readers – no matter how far into your hangar project you are, you can still consider AeroDoor to deliver you a hangar door.  AeroDoor have the engineering team to design a door to be implemented into any existing hangar design without delaying your project.

Final photos and details of the story will follow.   For now we have some photos that we wanted to share.

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Mar 11

AeroDoor awarded 9 bifold door project at Bracket Field Airport, California.

bifold hangar doors

AeroDoor International is proud to announce the award for 9 new Bifold hangar doors at Bracket Field Airport, a public airport located one mile south west of La Verne, California.  AeroDoor were awarded the project in November 2013 and have released our engineering to production for a mid April delivery.

AeroDoor were awarded the project on merit, with particular praise given towards our bifold doors low headroom requirement and mulitple safety features.   AeroDoor worked with the owners and airport executives to demonstrate our capabilities and experience in the hangar door industry, including visits to see existing AeroDoor projects in other areas of the state.

We are sure photos will follow in due course – stay tuned.


more clearance with a bifold from hifold


Feb 28

A hangar door manufacturer that never stops giving!

As a veteran owned hangar door manufacturer, our owners and employees know how to deliver the best customer experience and services.  This quick story is yet another example how we do it.

This weekend some of our fabrication crews have offered to work thru Saturday and Sunday to help fulfill a substantial bottom rolling door order that must be delivered next week.  The doors are 32′ tall and span over 243′ wide, but we won’t let our customer down.  It’s not our style.

Glad somebody reminded the painting department that specifications called for white primer………


sliding hangar doors

Bottom Rolling Hangar Door Hardware

Sep 25

Building an aircraft hangar? – Must Read….

Hydraulic door from higher power doors

If you are renovating an existing aircraft hangar or planning new hangar construction, you must read an article coming soon from AeroDoor about a revolutionary hangar door system that is proven to save you money.

Pick up a construction publication and it’s packed with new designs and new methods, but to be successful, reduced costs or increased value must be proven in order for them to take off.

While our one-piece hydraulic doors remain very popular due to their low headroom requirement, a common drawback is the load they impose onto the building structure.

  • Light gauge aircraft hangars cannot handle the load that a hydraulic door imposes without significant structural reinforcements to the building.
  • New design aircraft hangars will require significant reinforcement in the framed opening to hold a one-piece hydraulic door.

AeroDoor have a hydraulic door system available which sends all the load into the ground, as opposed to back into the building (except wind load).   This hydraulic door doesn’t require jamb columns or a header in the building either.   It saves big bucks on the cost of your building!

For more information on this door which is available today contact AeroDoor at 866-226-3667.


Sep 25

AeroDoor Marketing : Septembers Newsletter Ready To Launch

Look out for Septembers newsletter from AeroDoor hangar doors.  The newsletter focuses on a highly specified bottom rolling hangar door project at Cecil Field AFB, in Jacksonville Florida.

AeroDoor assisted with the pre-engineered metal building manufacturer with the design of the overhead structural system and closure.  AeroDoor also advised the general contractor on the final configuration of the bottom rail assembly.

For more information about this story visit our hangar door projects page later this week.

May 30

Hangar Doors Contract Awarded to AeroDoor for Drones

AeroDoor International LLC, a long standing government and military hangar door manufacturer has been awarded the hangar door contracts for new drone hangars.  Starting in August 2013, AeroDoor will supply and install new hydraulic doors to provide a safe, dry and secure location for the testing and maintenance of the unmanned aerial vehicle programs.

The future hangars will utilize a one piece hydraulic door system manufactured to 55′ x 26′.

More light information will follow.


May 30

Aircraft Hydraulic Door part of new $1.9 million aviation flight school

AeroDoor does it again!  Designed, engineered, manufactured and installed – A full turnkey hangar door service.


• 85′ x 23′ Hydraulic Swing Door

• Engineered to 145MPH

• DC and AC powered

• Opens in under 90 seconds



Kissimmee Gateway Airport is unveiling a major new addition next week.  The new facility sits on the southeast corner of the 900-acre airport and will be the new home of the SunState Aviation Flight School.

The 16,000-square-foot facility was been completed after a year of construction.  The $1.9 million project was paid for in part by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.

The new building sits right next to the old facility which was built in the 1970s. Regulations have changed so that the old building has to be torn down because it sits too close to the runway.

The new building will be the new home for the school’s accelerated pilot training programs.


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Mar 27

Bi-fold Hangar Door Installation for executive aircraft hangars completed with Hi Fold Door

Prefer a bifold hangar door?

Learn more about a bi-fold door system that reduces the eave height on your building, compared with traditional bifold doors – to reduce dead space and lower construction costs.

This month AeroDoor delivered two 55 x 16 bifold doors for new executive hangars at Vero Beach Airport in Florida.  Both doors were delivered with the motor and components pre-installed on the door to lower installation time and costs.  (ED. Something quite unique we are told.)

Both doors were PE certified to meet local building codes and Vero’s 140MPH wind load.

More information and photos are available at our main website here.

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Feb 25

AeroDoor increases hangar door manufacturing space

We got it!  AeroDoor have increased manufacturing space by 43,000 SQFT with the capture of another fabrication facility in central Florida.  The aim is to use the space to help reduce lead times on our hydraulic doors, bi-fold doors and bottom rolling doors.

Located by Florida’s Interstate 4 and the Florida Turnpike this will give AeroDoor great intermodal access to our customers outside the state of Florida.

With the size of aircraft hangar doors increasing all the time, it only takes 10 big doors to considerably slow down hangar door manufacturing.   With our new facility we can build big and small hangar doors faster.  The facility will also be a resource center for our servicing crew’s who install or service hangar doors.  We receive calls from customers for replacement parts on doors made by other manufacturers.  This will be where we UPS those items from, or load them onto an AeroDoor service truck to be installed by our crews.

Over the coming month we’ll be installing overhead cranes and machinery into the facility. We’ll keep you updated with photo’s real soon.


hangar door fabrication facility


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